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RFID equipment and components

Equipment and components linked with a RFID solution, i.e. readers, tags, antennae, printers, labels, etc. represent a significant part of the RFID technology and its implementation.

Riffid sells and uses equipment provided by the very best suppliers on the market, and also offers advice in selection and matching up of products suitable for various applications.

We select the appropriate products depending on the application. Ask for more information!

Some examples of tags

The largest tag manufacturer in the world (former UPM RFID) that produces UHF, HF and LF tags for a wide variety of purposes.

A Finnish tag manufacturer representing the world’s state-of-the-art technology, whose product range includes on-metal tags for particularly challenging conditions, but also label type tags for general use.

Some examples of readers

Impinj, a company from the United States, is the global market leader in producing UHF readers. The product range includes i.a. “the world’s most widely used Gen2 reader” the Impinj Speedway Revolution.


The European leading hand-held terminal manufacturer, whose range of RFID products also includes table top and USB readers. The photo shows the NordicID Merlin reader.


Scirocco from Sweden is specialised in manufacturing readers for challenging conditions, represented here by IP65 classified R600 model.