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Riffid Oy

We are a technology services provider established in 2010. Our business is broadly centred around the radio frequency identification technology, i.e. RFID.

What we do?

  • Inter alia, high-level RFID related consultations, such as various company-specific surveys and mappings
  • Comprehensive RFID systems and a full range of equipment for them

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The foundation of our operations is built of strong and reliable partner relationships. Taking advantage of these relationships we are able to provide our customers unique on the Finnish scale, all-round and, at the same time, high-level RFID expertise covering any sub-areas linked with the application of the RFID technology.

Our co-operation partners are leaders in their respective fields. Thus we can serve our customers in any RFID related matters applying the one-stop shop principle – whether it involves smaller scale individual consultancy, sale of equipment, or a comprehensive ERP solution tailored to the needs of a major corporation.

We are actively participating in R&D projects in the field of RFID, thus keeping our lead in the rapidly progressing development of the sector.

The seat of Riffid Oy is located in the city of Rauma, situated on the western coast of Finland, which has long-standing industrial traditions; another of the company’s offices is located in Pori.

Our people




Jussi Nummela, PhD.

The co-founder of Riffid, Jussi Nummela is the first person in Finland, and in fact in Europe, who has completed his engineering PhD studies and written his doctoral theses exclusively on application of RFID. For years he has been focussing on the RFID technology and in particular, its practical aspects. This has formed an excellent foundation and expertise in developing services provided by Riffid.

The doctoral theses of Jussi deal with application of passive UHF RFID in paper industry, which has been considered one of the most challenging areas of application of the RFID technology by reason of the complex operating environment. Through addressing these multifaceted problems and their solutions in his work Jussi has become exceptionally familiar with aspects warranting attention, generally encountered in RFID applications.





Janne Raitaniemi, M.Sc.
Founder, Chairman of the Board

Janne Rantaniemi, Chairman of the Board of Riffid, has a master’s degree in software engineering. He is also working on a dissertation related to mobile software architectures. Over the years, Janne, who is currently running his own software company, has participated in software development for VTT, Nokia, Acando, and i2 Technologies, among others. He has gained impressive software-related experience during his 25-year career. Janne is specialised in software production, RFID applications, 3G, positioning technologies, and various mobile and wireless devices.

Janne has received the Innosuomi 2007 prize for a software product and holds several patents. Over the years, he has also participated in implementation of numerous RFID projects and been involved in software-related teaching activities at the Tampere University of Technology.