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RFID consultancy

Our consultancy services cover everything that can be offered by applying expertise in RFID technology. Typical examples of expert services include, inter alia:


Although today the RFID technology has reached a technically reliable level, and its capabilities are adequate for several areas, any applications have to be realised appropriately. 

Company-specific RFID technology usability surveys carried out by Riffid provide detailed information about potential appropriateness of the RFID technology for the intended purpose. It is always advisable to cause a usability survey to be carried out if there is even a slightest doubt about the implementation. This allows to ensure that the RFID application will function properly. Even though the application seems fairly simple, when radio signals and low transmission capacities are involved, every feature affects every other feature, and an impact of any unexpected event can be surprisingly strong.

Surveys provide information about important application-related special aspects, which have to be taken into consideration in designing almost any RFID application.

Such aspects can be, for instance:

  • The type of the suitable RFID technology
  • The reader/ antenna configuration ensuring the required reading reliability
  • Appropriate tag types, appropriate for the intended application, and their requirements
  • Practicability of the designed tag locations and their attachment methods, and their effect on reliability of reading
  • Disturbances caused by external factors
  • Required standardised parameters and settings of reader equipment

A survey is a good and proper procedure with which to start handling RFID matters, and to identify possible practical follow-up steps. The extent of a survey can vary, and it is always planned on a case-by-case basis in order to meet the customer’s individual needs and requirements, taking into consideration, for instance, the size and the area of business of the company.

RFID planning

Careful system planning is crucial for a successful RFID application, seeing that, in principle, requirements are specific for every particular application, and there are no functional “one-size-fits-all solutions” available.

Neglecting even a seemingly insignificant detail or designing it incorrectly can jeopardise functionality of the entire system. In this case the benefits sought through the use of RFID are naturally not achieved; instead it can lead to an unreliable system that, instead of cost saving, can cause just additional expenses and trouble.

By contacting Riffid’s RFID experts you can ensure that your system will be operable.


We offer company-specific, individually tailored RFID technology training courses. You can also enquire about training courses offered to educational institutions and RIFD presentations suited for conferences.