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NFC and mobile applications

NFC or Near Field Communication is also known as ‘proximity reading’ or ‘contact reading’. In practice it generally refers to the RFID technology integrated in mobile phones or tablets, which allows recognising individual objects by touching them. Today typical applications of this technology are various movement control, event recording, or data collection solutions. Moreover, much discussed mobile and proximity payment applications are also based on the NFC technology, while various NFC sensors represent a continuously expending area of application.

Riffid offers a comprehensive range of equipment and software related to the NFC technology. Such equipment include, e.g. appropriate tags, sensors as well as application-specific mobile terminal equipment, such as mobile phones or tablets. Software programmes generally consist of mobile and possible server applications. Mobile applications can be realised for various platforms, such as Android, Windows and iOS, while server applications use e.g. the rapidly expanding and user friendly cloud model.

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