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Luvata is a world-leading producer of metal products and the related technical solutions. These solutions are used, inter alia, in the fields of renewable energy, health care, ventilation and cooling industry, and consumer products. Luvata employs more than 6,400 people in 15 countries. At the Pori plant, Luvata employs approx. 350 employees.

Riffid has implemented a RFID technology-based material tracking system at the Pori plant of Luvata. The system automatically tracks the raw material cycle of Luvata’s metal refinery and the balances within the internal production process.

The system consists of tagged metal containers, fixed and handheld readers, cloud-based RFID database, as well as needed integrations and reporting. Application specific requirements are related to extremely harsh environment and high amount of metal on the reading zones.

Reports from the system are used for optimizing and enhancing of the plant’s production. Comprehensive reports on process functionality can be automatically generated for the customer.